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About us

Business & Information Technology Employability Skills Development

We are a leading business and information technology employability skills development company specialising in career development training and work deployment.

We deliver to our delegates

the full understanding and comprehension of various business and information technology subjects such as Business Analysis, Project Management, Business Architecture, Software Delivery and Solution Architecture, these coupled with experience on projects working as a consultant for clients within our sister Consultant Company.

Our courses are developed by experienced professionals in business and information technology as well as qualified further education tutors and trainers. We support our fully qualified delegate with career reference, mentoring and on the job support.

The Benefit Of Training With Us

  • Starting as a junior analyst during training.
  • Opportunity to work with our consultants on client project.
  • CV development and interview preparation.
  • We offer qualified reference.

Our Mission & Values

• We aim to Increase your potential
• Leadership & influence

We Are Different

We Offer Comprehensive

training that will ensure that you have high competency and proficiency as a consultant, you will be supported by Academic professionals, industry experienced mentors and business partners that we accelerate your learning, we provide an environment for you to learn and gain experience during the training sessions.

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